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FRUITS AND EMOTIONS: NOISE ( Canary Islands/Basque Country )

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Martinka Bobrikova y Oscar de Carmen: Their art work and artistic practices are somewhere in between art and social activism, helping to develop critical devices that helps to socialize with problematic in our society of consumption.

Animazon: He has been involved in music and experimental video from the year 1999, designing its own software and machines / tools for installations and audio-visual directs.

About Fruits + Emotions: Noise project: By the synthesis of analog and digital video, hardware (video synthesizer) and free software (pure-data), we create a real-time sound visualization of the different stages of electrical potential that naturally our ears do not allow to hear the limited range of frequency present in fruits and vegetables discarded by supermarkets.Their art work and artistic practices are somewhere in between art and social activism, helping to develop critical devices that helps to socialize with problematic in our society with products rejected by current models of production and consumption where there is a new terrain. Their performance, installation, actions, video and sound are fully active social tool.


[baTch 440] ( Canary Islands )


[baTch 440] is a project of automatic composition developed by Sergio Oramas, musician and computer engineer, assisted by Enrique Vergara, musician and engineer in telecommunications. Its main goal is the research of the compositional essence through harmonic rules of classicism-romanticism and the cognitive capacity of the computer to use it in a contemporary context. This is an audio-visual interactive installation where a computer with a MAX / MSP program is responsible for composing music intelligently, creating chord progressions and melodies. This program advances the harmony 8 bars before its performance, which is projected on a screen. A variable number of musicians can perform music with different instruments with the computer following the score given, doing improvisations, creating textures, etc. This audio is collected together with the interpretation of the computer and is conducted through a mixer to another computer, where the audio is converted to video using another program in MAX / MSP. This program uses the equivalence between the audio spectrogram and RGB spectrogram and projects the result on another screen, creating a picture of the music played in real time.


IMPRESIONOISE ( Canary Islands )


His music has been applied in very different contexts. From the dance scene to folk festivals or special events specialized on science and technology, contemporary art museums, theater and activism, going through incusrions on Hip Hop o collaborations with Symphony Orchestra, or recently in natural environments without the assistance of human audience.

A maverick and rebellious attitude, a personality who covers the cultivation of other disciplines and a vital route linked to towns and small cities, with travel and adventure in large cities, have conditioned both the disclosure and access to his work, which until the date could only be experienced live or through few releases on the web, one of the greatest unknown of the Spanish electronic music that have a considerable production.

Inspired in jazz and Electronics, Impresionoise songs are full of drama, rawness and emotion, with a twisted development pursued by the balance between rhythm and harmony in a constant search for originality, resulting in a Baroque rarity, a crossroads of styles.

+info Impresionoise:

LOD ( Canary Islands )


LOD presents for the first time in Berlin his new album "Neurospasta" which shows the concern of an artist to find new destinations in his music career. More in line with his other projects like Felhfakt or Krater where speculation is a key component, the new work along LOD is a certain twist that adds richness to his work.

"Neurospasta" is happily an album difficult to classify in which stylistic boundaries are blurred and intersect in a mosaic wisely engaged and wrapped in layers of seductive atmosphere, silence and digital beats. LOD bet on a new album by a free and comprehensive sound exploration, which distills a good deal of ambient and dub, and a heady sauce of sound with touches of jazz, electronica and avant glicht techno.

Neurospasta is becoming a platform where different painters, visual artists, choreographers, musicians, etc are invited to participate to do their personal interpretation of the concept behind. In this ocation Pixel Noise, a video artist involved on the Visual Berlin collective will make the Live visual interpretation of Neurospasta

+info LOD:

E-GRUPPE ( Berlin )

e-gruppe e-gruppe_LR

e (Torston e. Hoehle) works as a Graphic-, VJ- and Partydecoration-Artist. And sometimes as a Partymaker in Berlin with his firm "E-Gruppe" since 1995. He worked @ Pixelpark Berlin, Circus of Now, Bassport, Mayday, Graco, Brandenburg Allstars, Fusion-Festival, Bass Planet, Tresor, Vollton, SonneMondSterne, Ostfunk, Maria Berlin, Coconut Beatclub Potsdam, A5, No Ufos, Alphafestival Schwerin, Electric Ballroom, Couchradau Dessau, Gruppenzwang, Suicide Circus, Partysan, UrbanArtforms, Junimondfestival Magdeburg, E-Pulse Festival Breda...
Since 2003 the VJ e became more and more famous within the Techno- and Housescene. The well known Logo-Manipulations make his (more 2D-style-)performances funny and his 3-beam-triplehead-installations are very popular. He is using the live character of his show for text-communication and is always close to the motto of the event.

our vj footage:
flash-animations, photographs, after-effects-sequences, screen- and logo-desgins, live-camera, patterns, stop-and-go-animations, morphings, textsequences, 2-D, 3-D - sometimes -, and not produced by us: science-sequences (nature, subatomar, neuronal, satelliteshots, labor, experimental, astronomy, optic, crash-tests, controlled demolitions, physics, medicine, pharma, psych...), Commercials... But the most important thing for us is the LIVE-CHARACTER of our performance: to be able to react in every second to the development in the club.

+info e-gruppe  :

PIXEL NOISE ( Budapest/Berlin )


Nowadays he mostly works with generative structures both on audiovisual -and art field.
New experiments also in interactive visual design.
Working on different publications about experimental, audiovisual and live cinema.


.in progress: artistic advice and collaboration in ‘Deutsche Einheit am Balaton‘ with Péter Forgács and Gusztáv Hámos, CHB, 2009
.in progress: ‘Binary-project’ with Nicky Broekhuysen
.Video installation at 20.Jahrestag der Grenzöffnung in Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 2009
.Leipzig Book-fair, Hungarian installation for the ‘Balaton-project’, 2009
.Media development and programming for Gabriel Acevedo Velarde, 2009
.Live Cinema & Piano Improvisation with Sebastian Studnitzky, CHB, 2009
.Cinema Total – Berlinale,  interior video installations, CHB, 2009
.Screen Labyrinth, TAIK – Helsinki, 2008
.Human Controlling System – interactiv video installation with Andrea Schneemeier,Trafó – Budapest, 2001

+info Pixel Noise :

SHINGO INAO ( Japan/Berlin )


Japanese sound artist Shingo Inao performs live with a sonification of body movement using sensor-driven techniques using two self-made instruments with tilt and distance sensors. One called Tosso looks like a thin contrabass, the other is a hand-sized device named Qgo. He also exhibits sound installations and objects focusing mainly on how sound can change the structure of a room. He studied sound art and computer music with Prof. Susumu Shono, Prof. Takayuki Rai and Takayuki Hayashi in the Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo. He studied media art in the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG) and currently does an MA course in media design at the Bauhaus University, Weimar. His installations and objects have been shown in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Begium, America and Japan. He has performed for Electro-Mechanica (St.Peterburg), club transmediale, transmediale (Berlin) and Leipjazzig Festival (Leipzig). He won the DAAD-Prize in 2008 and in 2009 he was selected as a finalist (New Media) for the Prix Phonurgia Nova in France.


MARCO BROSOLO ( Italy/Berlin )


Marco Brosolo has been constantly active as a visual artist and performer of music since 1999. This was also when he started the music project 9 combining art and pop-songs. As a visual artist he makes paintings and drawings that mix the styles of rough cartoons and conceptual art as well as video pieces exploring the relations between images and sound, synaesthesia and video clips.
In the past he worked as performer for the theatre experiment W.I.P by La Fura dels Baus and has composed several theatre soundtracks for the French theatre company Kali&Co. Since 2006 he has been developing a multi-sensor instrument called AST that was presented for the first time at Transmediale 2010, in Berlin. Under the pseudonym 9 he released the album Eponymous featuring 9 "digital campfire songs" in 2009. Recently Marco Brosolo also founded Moving Silence, a platform of contemporary silent films and live music which became already active in several cities like Berlin, Prague, Athens, Saint Petersburg, Amsterdam and Mexico City. He joined the resident choir of the Haus deer Kulturen deer Welt, Berlin (led by Barbara Morgenstern and Philip Neumann). He lives and works in Berlin.


PSJM ( Canary Islands )


PSJM is is an artistic team made up in 2003 by Pablo San José (Mieres, 1969) and Cynthia Viera (Las Palmas, 1973), based in Berlin. PSJM acts as a commercial cutting-edge art brand that raises questions about works of art in the market, communication with consumers or function as an artistic quality, making use of the communicative resources of spectacular capitalism to demonstrate the relevance of the paradoxes that produce its chaotic development. PSJM has exhibited in cites such as New York (“The Real Royal Trip… by the Arts”, PS1-MOMA. In collaboration with El Perro and Aitor Méndez / DIVA NY 07, Galería Blanca Soto), Basle (Volta 07, Riflemaker Galler), Miami (Pulse 08, Galería Espacio Líquido), Berlin (Scala e.V.), Sao Paulo (Galería Baró Cruz), Stockholm (WIP:sthlm) or London (Riflemaker Gallery) and also in many group and individual exhibitions in Spain, including “Globos Sonda” in MUSAC and MARX® in Laboral and CAAM. Recently, PSJM was included in the publication “Younger than Jesus.
Artist Directory. The essential handbook to the future of art” of the New Museum of New York, published by Phaidon.


AMANDA LOPEZ ( Canary Islands )


She studied Fine Arts (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Bilbao and Manchester, (2001 - 2006 ), Audiovisuals and Interactive Arts. She is living in Berlin .

Her main artistic production focuses on video art, photography and graphic design, even thought between 1990 y 2000, her creative interest was linked to music. She played in two rocks bands, Soviet Love and Saliva , and a few individual music proyects too.
She has taken part in electronic music proyects of Klitekture Records label and Sinergy-Networks net label, translating the works of diferent artist into the minimal electronic scene, to visual shape. From 2002 she has participated as visual performer in meetings, concerts, festivals, etc.,(CCCB, FAD -Barcelona-; MUSAC -León-;OPA -París-; Colourstudio -Tokio-;Dispatch -Belgrado-; etc. ...).

+info: Amanda Lopez websiteAmanda Lopez Flickr / Amanda Lopez Youtube

KRATER ( Canary Islands )

KRATER is an electronic music project based on the construction of sound scapes from the canary islands using traditional instruments and nature elements that are digitally processed after. Is the result of an environment interpretation that far apart from any sign of identity from the canary islands making a new vision of the traditional elements through an electronic music format

This project pretends to manipulate rutine daily sounds to adapt them to a new musical environment open to experimentation and evolution of differen t electronic music styles without concentrating in any one in particular. KRATER is composed by Luis Ortiz. Cristobal Montesdeoca and Raul Gonzalez in charge of the musical part and Amanda Lopez, artist in charge of transmitting through her visual art the concept of KRATER developing a similar process to the audio part with images from the canary island


CARMELO FERNANDEZ ( Canary Islands )


Choreographer and dancer, but always confuse him with a technician. Changes shape in Spain and France with an incredible variety of techniques with which gets work with Wim Vandekeybus. Sickened by so much beating and foreign addresses goef to Canary Islands, with the idea of god riding and for eight years works with his structure el ojo de la where develops his creative work while organizing the festival a ras de suelo and the creation center el hueco. In 2006 god punishes and takes everything and since then to serve his sentence dances for charity events and develops projects with theater companys. Currently manages a project for artists residences DAT



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